Employee Posting Requirements

Employee Posting Requirements

All 50 states and the District of Columbia require posting of state employment information. In addition, the federal government requires posting of notices that include the following (current as of February, 2010):

1. EEOC Civil Rights Notice with ADA Notice

2. Federal Minimum Wage3. INS Discrimination4. Pay Day Notice5. Employee Polygraph Notice6. IRS Notice of Withholding

7. IRS Earned Income Credit Notice

8. Family and Medical Leave Act (required for employers of 50 or more employees)

One quick way to satisfy state and federal requirements is to use the services of a company like GovDocs, Inc. Their Web site has state-by-state posting requirements that lets you select your state and determine all needed labor law posters. OSHA compliance poster kits are also available. These posters can be purchased on line in a laminated format and will save space over displaying individual posters. Installing a bulletin board in your employee lounge or changing area (any area that is frequented by employees during the workday) will usually satisfy notification requirements. Also, these posters cannot be altered or covered over by other material.

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