Patient Presentation

A 34yo Caucasian male presented for evaluation and possible treatment of sensitivity to palpation at the buccal aspect of the left mandible. The patient denied swelling, fever or trismus.

Clinical Description

Left side of mandible: Lesion can be palpated on the buccal surface between mandibular left first and second molars, at the level of the middle third of the root. Lesion is slightly elevated and is tender under pressure. Pulp tests were within normal limits. The patient medical history was non-contributory.

Radiographic Description

Location: mandibular left posterior buccal alveolus, between mandibular left first and second molars
Radiodensity: high intensity
Size: approximately 2-3 mm long, 1 mm diameter
Shape: lobular
Borders: well -defined, highly corticated
Effect on surrounding structures: none

Impression and Recommendations

Features consistent with an homoplastic osteoma; patient advised to refrain from manipulation and return for excision if symptoms persist.

Attending Endodontist: Anastasia Mischenko, DDS, MS


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