Prof. Emeritas Barry Pass with CBCT Course attendees.

“Thank you for and excellent course with 5 star service.” S.D. AL

“I liked the focus on clinical relevance with appropriate citations.” T.C., MD

“Thank you for a fantastic course.” C.S., NY

“Thank you for your wonderful, eye-opening CE Course. I always appreciate your teacheg and expertise with leadership in the field of endodontics.” T.P. PA

“Thank you for another great course!” You are a marvelous host and graciously share a wealth of knowledge and experience. R.D., CO

“I really liked the course and thought the number of different presenters and lectures kept it engaging.”  I thought it was interactive and I appreciated the discussions we had throughout the weekend. S.R.J., Endodontic Resident, University of Maryland

“It was enlightening, informative and  challenging – a lot more than expected. I loved it.” B.S., UT

“Course II was my first course. I think it was absolutely perfect. I look forward to taking Course I soon. I truly enjoyed the entire course. It was relevant and could be implemented into my office easily on Monday morning.” A.M., AR

“l just wanted to thank you for a wonderful and informative course last weekend. The information was organized and well presented. The small group and the informal nature of the presentation greatly enhanced the learning environment. You were really able to open my eyes to the possibilities of this new technology and most importantly how to properly integrate it into my practice. l also am finding that with any learning experience there comes new questions that come up as your knowledge base is expanded. I thank you and Barry for a really enlightening experience. I also must take the time to compliment your staff for being well organized and most hospitable.” H.A., NY

“Most of the time a couple of pearls of wisdom from a CE, but this time I felt it was a wealth of knowledge.” R.B., GA

“Thank you very much for an excellent class. I really appreciated all the hard work that you put into making my trip to DC worthwhile and enjoyable.” S.N., SC

“Thank you for a wealth of knowledge. I loved the personal nature of the course. The instructors were warm and enthusiastic, making the environment comfortable and inviting. The program is great as is!” S.B., GA

“This is an awesome program and a necessity for everyone, especially if planning to own a CBCT. I felt the course was extremely valuable for me as a user in situ and very valuable for a new owner. I have never had two long days go by so quickly and been on the receiving  end of such intense and complete knowledge. Both days I walked out stimulated and excited by what I was shown. I believe the format of two days is proper. Your office was a wonder to behold and your thinking and thoughtful process in setting up systems is a rare gift. That is your art!!! I look forward to reading the course syllabus word for word.” M.S., MO

“Yes this is an excellent overview of the utility of CBCT in Endodontics and a very practical “How To” implement it into our practice.” S.B., NY

“With this course, I feel much more confident and am ready to integrate the CBCT into my practice. I highly recommend this course and have greatly accelerated my knowledge into the CBCT.” R.P., CA

“This course provided me with the tools to utilize and market the CBCT technology into my practice.” E.V., NY

“Loved both courses…Dr. Levin definitely makes it worth your while and ensures attendees benefit from the program.” K.S., CA

“One of the best CE courses I have taken. This course was excellent. Dr. Levin and Dr. Pass did an excellent job and were well prepared. I will be happy to take a follow-up course in 6-12 months. I would highly recommend this seminar to all endodontists. Thanks!” J.C., NY

“The marketing skills I learned have already made a difference. Our referrals appreciate the extra attention.” S.A., FL

“Excellent course with an abundant amount of information.” A.R., MD

“I liked that we had the opportunity to talk to different specialists: oral pathologist, radiologist and endodontist. Everything was amazing.” L.W. MD

“Your practice is a beautiful reflection of your excellent skills, many extraordinary talents, and superb taste.  It takes many years of precise planning, innovation and determined execution to develop such a “jewel” of a practice. We not only appreciate your fine practice, but also, your generous gift of sharing it with us.  Your hospitality was outstanding! Thank you very much for all of your time and effort to present the two day course.  We are very excited about the material that was presented and look forward to implementing many changes.   With much appreciation for all that you have shared with us and others who are practicing within our great specialty of endodontics…”  C.H., LA

“I first want to thank you for the excellent course you had last weekend.  I enjoyed the material thoroughly and it was presented and organized well.  Many of the ideas you utilize are amazing and I plan on using them in my own practice.  This course should be mandatory in the endodontic programs!  I felt like two days was not enough and the price was very reasonable.”   R.H., MA

“I really thought the course was well balanced. I would recommend it to anyone!”   T.B., MI

“It was very well put together. I would highly recommend.”   A.G., CA

“Excellent review of CBCT applications, technical aspects/ science. I definitely would recommend – simply because it entails almost everything important to discuss of introducing CB in practice.”   P.C., MA

“Dr. Levin’s enthusiasm is contagious! Makes you want to improve all aspects of your practice.”   M.K., NY

“It was interesting, interactive, informative and complete.”   H.B., NJ