Dr.Levin Lecturing on CBCT in Troy, MI 1

Programs for Your Referring Doctors
Dr. Levin is pleased to offer a customized educational program for your referring doctors which will highlight the benefits of CBCT and showcase your expertise.  These seminars have been presented on behalf of endodontic practices in many locations around the country, most recently in Troy, MI, Clinton, MI, Midland, TX and Lubbock, TX.

Customized Workshops
Dr. Levin will travel to your office location and present a customized course for your practice. These workshops cover the use of CBCT in your practice, marketing strategies, office operations management, new office design critiques and strategic planning. Several endodontic practices may participate if desired. He has conducted numerous workshops for endodontic practices throughout the U.S. and can provide references upon request.

Telephone Consultation 
Dr. Levin is pleased to offer consulting services on an individual basis.* Please call 301-654-6077 for more information.

Guidelines for Room and AV Setup
Download PDF Guidelines for Room and AV Setup for Martin D Levin

*Services Available on an hourly basis